Have DFW Steam Cleaning come Power Stretch your carpets for a carpet wrinkle and carpet ripple free floor.

Let Us Stretch Your Loose Carpet

Carpet Stretching

When a carpet is installed generally it is stretched out and secured at the margins with tacks in order for it to stay that way.  However in due time, if the carpet installation is not done properly, you will need to re-stretch the loose carpet.

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Carpet Wrinkles

Have you ever noticed how fast carpet wrinkles grow once they are started?  Its because carpet is meant to be kept stretched very tight.  Once a loose carpet begins to form a wrinkle it needs carpet stretching.

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Carpet Power Stretching

Every year people spend millions of dollars in replacing perfectly good carpet.  All these people have one thing in common: they did not know a thing about carpet stretching. In this economy we can not afford to waste money on replacing carpet that does not need replacement. 

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Carpet Ripples

Are those carpet ripples and folds in your carpet causing you to worry that someone, maybe even you will trip and fall someday? If you have bad carpet ripples in your carpet from excessive water, poor installation or old age, we can restore the carpet to its original shape. 

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" Excellent job with carpet stretching and repair. I had creased, wavy, and loose older carpet that I was trying not to replace before we put our house up for rent. It came out even better than I expected and looks very good with everything tight and clean. Great communication, service, and results! Prices reasonable. I would definitely recommend to a friend."
Virginia K.

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