Carpet Ripples can be repaired with professional carpet stretching by DFW Carpet Cleaning. We use power stretching to remove ripples from your carpet.

DFW Carpet Cleaning Fixes Carpet Ripples

Carpet Ripples

Are those carpet ripples and folds in your carpet causing you to worry that someone, maybe even you will trip and fall someday? If you have bad carpet ripples in your carpet from excessive water, poor installation or old age, we can restore the carpet to its original shape.  Carpet stretching is a cost effective alternative to replacing your carpet.  We can also repair carpets that have been ripped, pulled away from the wall or damaged by pets. 

The two most common reasons for unsightly ripples is poor installation and high heat.  Leaving your home unattended with the internal temperature of your home rising above 85 degrees will cause carpet ripples.  Not only are they unsightly but they are also a big trip hazard.  Our technicians can re-stretch that carpet back into its original beauty. We also offer professional carpet patch work and repairs if you have a burn or blemish in your carpet.  Our professional and courteous staff offers prompt, reliable service on site. 
DFW Steam Cleaning will come out and take a look at your carpet ripple problem and give you a bid to re-stretch and tack your carpet back top shape.  We are often ready to perform the work right then and there for you if you let us.  Our technicians will do everything possible to make your carpet look as good as it possible can without replacing it. Call us first when its time to flatten those ripples.

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