For a beautiful carpet and one that will last longer you may need to have DFW Steam Cleaning come and stretch your carpets to get the wrinkles out.

Carpet Wrinkles? Time for a Good Stretch.

Carpet Wrinkles

Have you ever noticed how fast carpet wrinkles grow once they are started?  Its because carpet is meant to be kept stretched very tight.  Once a loose carpet begins to form a wrinkle it needs carpet stretching. For carpets that have wrinkled and looked bad due to humidity, poor installation or backing that has lost its strength, our technicians will make sure that your carpets look young again through our re-stretching and repair service.  We provide carpet re-stretching for the baggy carpet or wrinkles.  We implement a group of technicians dedicated to professional carpet re-stretching.

Our group is qualified to use a wide range of stretching and carpet care techniques and methods. The purpose of carpet re-stretching is to avoid short life span of carpet, decrease any tripping over wrinkles and develop as much as possible the undesirable appearance of the wrinkled carpet.  Carpet re-stretching is needed when your carpets are baggy or wrinkled in areas.  Re-Stretching eliminates the carpet wrinkles and significantly helps the appearance of your carpets.

Re-stretching is used for loosened and old carpets with wrinkles or buckles.  Like a facelift, re-stretching makes carpet resurrected again.  This also extends the life by removing facial lines and wrinkles which can cause the carpet to be useless more quickly from the back and forth folding that takes place when the wrinkles are walked on.  Does your carpet have buckles or wrinkles?  Our Technicians at DFW Steam Cleaning can correct this problem for you.  Contact our office today to schedule and appointment with our specialists.

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