For the tightest wrinkle free carets DFW Steam Cleaning offers Power-Stretching to remove wrinkles, waves, and ripples from your capets.

Properly Stretched Carpet Last Longer

Carpet Power Stretching

Every year people spend millions of dollars in replacing perfectly good carpet.  All these people have one thing in common: they did not know a thing about carpet stretching. In this economy we can not afford to waste money on replacing carpet that does not need replacement.  Professional carpet stretching allows us to remove those waves and wrinkles that have formed in your carpet and make it less appealing to the eye.  Carpet stretching is not only fast, it is also very affordable. 

At DFW Steam Cleaning we use a 4-step process that will leave your carpet looking like new again.  We begin at one end and stretch the carpet using our power carpet stretching tools.  We stretch in increments, moving toward any side wall that has a door and we finish stretching against the wall at the other end.  Then our technicians use the power stretcher again to stretch the carpet against the base board side and then attach it to the tack strap. Next we stretch the opposite side of the room using the carpet power stretcher again by stretching behind the point where the carpet was rolled back.  And the final step to push in the tight areas moving towards the wall.

A proper carpet stretching will fix any room.  To keep your carpet looking its best, a good carpet stretch when it has wrinkles or ripples is the best thing to do.  The power carpet stretcher is used to stretch carpet in all sizes of rooms but most importantly in larger rooms.  The power stretcher reaches all the way across the room.  One end butts up against one wall and the other end has a head with a lever.  When the technician pushes down on the lever, the carpet is stretched.  This is a very powerful tool, but if the carpet is stretched too much it can rip or pull the carpet off the tack strip.  Nothing is worse than a loose carpet than to leave it loose.  A loose carpet will get looser and more wrinkled very quickly.  So call us at DFW Steam Cleaning for all your carpet needs.


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